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March 05 2014

January 27 2014

See Loki Play Captain America In Thor: The Dark World | Movie News | Empire
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January 26 2014

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January 15 2014

Me: And, do you liked it?
Clev: Yes.
Me: Loki?
Clev: Yes, Loki.
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January 07 2014

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December 31 2013


How a warrior carries his prize back home.

At least it’s better than this:

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December 29 2013

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Bless the hands that created these costumes.

Bless the costume designer, bless the sewers, bless the people who made the leather (and if it was real one, also bless the cow)

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December 24 2013

December 19 2013

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Thor “Brother, quit thy cheating!”

Loki: “Ehehehehehe!!!”

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December 16 2013

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December 12 2013

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A day may come when Loki is able to fly the TARDIS, but it is not this day.
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December 09 2013

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December 08 2013

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